There are serveral open source publishing system on the web, like the Open Journal Systems (OJS), the HyperJournal, the Living Reviews ePublishing Toolkit (ePubTk), DPubS (Digital Publishing System) or Ambra, as the the ones that drive PloSOne. Most of them are “stand-alone solutions, hacks dedicated to meet needs of a special journal.

But now, the entry of Annotum. Annotum is an “open-source, open-process, open-access scholarly authoring and publishing platform” based on WordPress. The objectives of this project are to “develop a simple, robust, easy-to-use authoring system to create and edit scholarly articles” and to “deliver an editorial review and publishing system that can be used to submit, review, and publish scholarly articles”, as posted on their homepage. This Annotum was announced as a ambitious project, before any kind of alpha existed. But, it seems as if the developers fulfil their promises. The alpha release is already available and so we can hope for the initial release in Q3, 2011.

I like the feature, that it should implement the ongoing revision of published content, a feature also implemented in the Journal Series of the Living Reviews, whis is driven by the ePublishing Toolkit (ePubTk).