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In my basic courses as a lecturer at the university I teach the students how to properly cite literature and information sources in general. Thereby it becomes increasingly important to teach how to cite dynamic web-sources like Blogs.

So, can you answer how to properly cite a blog post?

Martin Fenner generously enters into this question on his “Gobbledygook” Plos-Blog. He proposes a citation format very similar to a journal article citation, coming closest to the Chicago Manual of Style):

Fenner, M.H. Beyond the PDF … is ePub. Gobbledygook, January 23, 2011. http://blogs.plos.org/mfenner/2011/01/23/beyond-the-pdf-…-is-epub/

There are no standards yet, but Martin Fenners proposal impresses with simplicity, reminding me to the DRY-principle of software engineering.

Until persuasively recalled I will adopt his proposal.