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Dear TOBI-freaks,

you deal with “Tools for brain computer interaction” and have a budget of 12 million Euros for a period of ~ four years to develop practical technology for brain-computer interaction (BCI) that will improve the quality of life of disabled people and the effectiveness of rehabilitation (http://www.tobi-project.org/welcome-tobi).

So, what’s it you devise? A “brain painting application”.

Well, my read is a necessity to show up some practical impact; sponsors like this. But is this application more than an attraction for the next international conference you’re attending?

Your device is not made for the needs of an artist, it has the effect, that “the desired item of a matrix is displayed on a computer monitor.”

Nope, this ist not a “painting canvas”, as you call it… Please, let’s not get carried away!

What you are doing (you are reporting it one scentence before) is to present visual stimuli, to elicit specific changes in the electrical activity of the brain. These voltage changes are sensed (EEG), analysed and your algorithm are intended to identify which visual command induced the EEG activity.

This is nice, commendable, maybe worth funding, but it is not art and i bet, it is not intended to be 😉