Facebook introduces new features to roll out my very life in details… great. The feature dubbed “Timeline”, will be able to gather historical posts, photos and videos from throughout my lifeiate privacy. One more reason to leave facebook? O.k., I don’t need to use this feature, but I don’t even want to see my “friends” using this features.

On the other hand: It might be fun, to reinvent myself and my past: …was born on Alpha centauri in 1396 BC and received my PhD in astrophysics and theology at the age of thirteen on this earthly planet…

What else is Mark Zuckerberg expecting me to do…? …to roll out my whole life on this “never get back” platform, hosted somewhere in the U.S., not really the land of freedom any more?

Yes, I am interested in getting contacts, in interaction on the web, but, please respect my privacy! I don’t want to brachiate through hidden menus to find hopefully the appropiate check boxes to ensure my privacy!

I think it’s time for alternatives, it’s time for projects like Diaspora. Read the article in the Free Software Magazine and join their mailing list to be the first to know about the public release of Diaspora!